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INDRC – International Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Center2024-06-17T16:17:48+00:00

Artificial intelligence to defeat brain degeneration? The world leaders in Alzheimer’s research and artificial intelligence will for the first time meet in the Czech Republic

Forbes: Tolar founded a global AI institute in the Czech Republic. He expects that artificial intelligence will bring a revolution in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders


Search for effective treatments remains painfully slow

  1. Improve treatment & prevention of neurodegenerative disorders by merging biological sciences & medicine together with big data & artificial intelligence approaches to study function and information processing of healthy and diseased human brain
  2. Advance globally dispersed knowledge through fellowship programs of excellence, delivering outstanding independent research programs and building world-class research community
  3. Enable technological & therapeutic innovations with genuine impact on society and humanity
  4. Address public health demand for improved understanding of biology driving neurodegeneration & new therapeutic interventions to treat devastating brain diseases


Ethics & Humanity

  • Patient needs come first
  • Social responsibility

Scientific Excellence

  • Fellowships / Mentorship of excellence
  • Interdisciplinary by design


  • Independent research & autonomy
  • Economic vitality

Distributed Organization

  • Flexible organizational model
  • Growth pool of partnering nodes
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