Scientific & Engineering Goals

  1. Establish novel modelling framework to examine current theories & knowledge of Alzheimer’s and neurodegeneration
  2. Institute common ontology to identify crucial aspects that provide linkages and interfaces between various sub-systems within complete brain architecture
  3. Create inventory of information about theories & comprehensive knowledge management platform
  4. Construct high-performance AI/ML model platform – “Modelbase” – to integrate & explore currently available conceptual knowledge & experimental data
  5. Develop new methods, models & algorithms to enable exploration of complex non-linear dynamics between biology, environment, disease, and public health

Scientific Goals & Plans

  1. Methods to improve AD clinical trial design, conduct & analysis
  2. New conceptual models of AD: hypothesis/perspective paper
    • Target: Lancet Public Health or Lancet Digital Health

    • Think-tank meeting (Las Vegas or Boston) to discuss a demonstration project for in silico model of health neurons

  3. Linking with Brain Watch Coalition
    • Global coalition to assure accurate, affordable, and equitable access to brain health care and treatments

    • Working with PAD 2020, pharma, academia on clinical decision intelligence applications

  4. Planned meetings
    • 2nd INDRC research conference

    • CTAD panel discussion

    • Using digital tools to advance AD trials

    • Bioinformatics and other new platforms to expedite drug develop in AD