Scientific Projects

  1. CLARA: Center for Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing in System Brain Research, call: EU Teaming Call
    • Successful in Phase 1
    • Phase 2 deadline: March 7, 2024
    • CLARA represents the very first interdisciplinary center of excellence focused on the next generation of artificial intelligence/ machine learning (AI/ML) applications and quantum-centric supercomputing tools to power interdisciplinary research programs aimed at solving the etiology of neurodegenerative diseases
    • Distributed design of the Center consisted of partners acting in different fields of expertise will integrate diverse research knowledge and scientific excellence into a holistic translational research for brain health
    • The CLARA team has developed a new machine-learning method to empower the computational design of biotherapeutics. The team is looking forward to extending this approach to biomolecules involved in neurodegeneration.

Consortium Partner Publications

A Bushuiev et al., Learning to design protein-protein interactions with enhanced generalization
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2024

A Bushuiev et al., Revealing data leakage in protein interaction benchmarks, Generative and Experimental Perspectives for Biomolecular Design Workshop [], International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2024

  1. Detecting unrecognized cognitive impairment and dementia
    In cooperation with Brain Watch Coalition Sandbox: An International Public-Private Coalition

    • Critical to the commercial success of all new interventions for chronic brain disorders
      • Global healthcare systems struggle to identify cognitive, functional, and behavioral impairments that often lead to different types of dementia
        • Obstacles include clinical workflow, personnel, ethical, financial, regulatory, or governance considerations
        • AI/ML-powered clinical decision support applications offer promise but lack trust and confidence for:
          • Healthcare: consumers, providers, and systems
    • The Sandbox: A Public-Private Collaboration to Provide Evidence to Drive Adoption
      • Novel live-testing environment for AI/ML-powered clinical tools launching in six major U.S. healthcare systems serving over 15 million individuals
      • 30 additional sites are currently under evaluation in North America, Europe and Asia
      • Demonstration projects are currently in development in the U.S. with HHS, VA, DoD, and USDA
      • Project funding is from life-science companies and philanthropy
  1. Assessing issue of drug responders/non-responders in clinical trials and drug repurposing
    • The project aims to use computational and -omics methods to explore factors for failure or non- responsive in subsets of individuals who participated in unsuccessful Alzheimer’s intervention clinical trials.
    • The goal is the identification of “optimal profile” within a subset of trial samples that positively responds to a specific intervention/asset.
    • Current ongoing collaboration with UK based for profit FACULTY.AI
    • Looking for partners & leader of this project